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This is “Gocce”, a Primitivo di Manduria DOP wine. Gocce originates from free standing vines cultivated in the area of Manduria, following old family traditions. These vines are really short with thick trunks. Each vine is around 55 years old and it produces a really limited quantity of bunches. For this reason, the harvest for this Primitivo wine is made by hand, in order to avoid damages both to the grapes and to the plant itself, that should be protected. Another reason for the harvest by hand is the curious position of the free standing vines, that is different from the usual lines under awnings. In fact, these vines are really close to each other – as they were grown in the past – with no space for machines to pass through. The limited quantities produced by these vines favours exceptional quality for each single grape. Hence, the name Gocce (drops), because we consider each grape as a golden drop, the greatest gift from our wonderful land.  Gocce is a full-bodied Primitivo di Manduria DOP wine, with an intense red colour and violet hints. This wine perfectly matches with red meat, braised and aged cheese. Furthermore, the pleasant complexity of this Primitivo wine makes it perfect as a meditation wine, too. If you leave it stand in a suitable glass, you will realize that it becomes new and unexpected, time after time.