Calà Verdeca del Salento IGP


Càla is a Verdeca del Salento, an indigenous Apulian vine, one of the oldest. It is believed, in fact, that the “verdeca” variety was introduced in Italy by the Greeks, as was often the case for other vines in the Ionian area. As usual, the name Càla also wants to be a name that pays homage to the beauties of our land, Puglia. Not surprisingly, Càla means “inlet” and Puglia is particularly rich in it. Càla is a Verdeca with a yellow color with greenish reflections. A white wine that stands out for its elegance and its perfect balance. The bouquet of Càla wine recalls white flowers, while its minerality and citrus aftertaste stands out on the palate. Perfect to combine with seafood and raw fish, summer salads and salt fish.