“Re Sale” is the king of Salento


Re Sale identifies with one of our Primitivo del Salento IGP wines. Salento is the most Southern part in Apulia, an area including the provinces of Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce. Salento is the best area to cultivate Primitivo vineyards, because they benefit from the features that wind carries from the sea to the land. In fact, Salento is a “small peninsula” in Apulia, completely surrounded by two different seas – the Adriatic sea and the Ionian one – that join together in Santa Maria di Leuca. Hence, its name “Re Sale” as a gift to this wonderful land: Salento. “Re Sale” – literally King Salt – was also the name of a mythical Messapian king, whose name originated Salento according to a legend. A historic study, instead, shows that Salento is named after “Salum”, a Latin word formerly used to name this land surrounded by the sea. Re Sale originates from Primitivo del Salento IGP grapes and it is a bright red wine, with delicate aromas. On the palate, it is rich, elegant and aromatic, with a pleasant smoothness given by its ripe tannins. It also has a good acidity and a persistent taste. Its main feature is its easy matching with a variety of Mediterranean dishes. This characteristic makes this wine sharp and clear. We suggest its matching with salads or season soups, as well as with grilled meat.