Sassirossi originates from Primitivo di Manduria DOP, a variety that is grown in the South of Italy, in Manduria (Taranto), an area in Apulia that includes both its coast and its hinterland.

The characteristic of the Primitivo di Manduria DOP area is that its soil radically varies according to its location closer to the coast or to the hinterland.

In fact, the soil close to the coast has a sandy-calcareous composition, whereas the one in the hinteland is clay-rich.

Regarding SassirossiPrimitivo di Manduria DOP, the vines it originates from are grown on a sandy-calcareous soil, so rich in iron that the land gets its typical red colour.

This Primitivo di Manduria DOP is named just after the small stones present in the soil, that dirty red when in close contact with the soil,

It’s a gift for our rich land.

Sassirossi is a full-bodied wine. It has an intense red colour with garnet hints and a bouquet resulting from the perfect harmony between spicy and balsamic notes and ripe red fruit.

Its intense taste is enriched by ripe tannins that leave a touch of black pepper on the tip of your tongue.

Sassirossi perfectly matches with meat, game and, in particular, pasta with meat sauce.