Food and wine tours of Feudi Salentini


Dear readers, with this first article of 2016, we are pleased to inform you that the Cantina del Salento “Feudi Salentini”, through the web pages of its blog, will have the pleasure of guiding you in this 2016 enogastronomic journey of 12 stages, one for every month, in which the ideal food pairings will be illustrated for combining the 12 wines that make up the Feudi Salentini line on the table. In this “taste” journey, all the gastronomic details will be presented that will enhance your lunches and dinners with the combination of Feudi Salentini wines. Understanding the combinations between a wine and a dish is not to be underestimated at all. For each course, in fact, the ideal wine is preferred that perfectly marries its organoleptic characteristics, enhancing each other. In order to bring to the table a unique food and wine experience that mutually enhances wine and food through a menu with a superlative “taste”, it is necessary to consider the various types of wine, both red and white, which vary according to the grape variety, the geographical area , of harvesting and refinement. The combinations between wines and food are numerous and varied. The combinations arise from the smells and flavors of the wine and the dish tasted. With what will be the articles presented in the food and wine journey of Feudi Salentini, we invite fans of this splendid world to be discovered to follow the website to stay updated on the next publications of Feudi Salentini entitled “12 Months for 12 Routes Food and Wine “. If you are not yet subscribed to the Feudi Salentini newsletter, we invite you to register as soon as possible, also suggesting to your friends on Facebook and Twitter to do so by sharing this article. We are waiting for you.